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Val Hilliker, Comedy Ventriloquist


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Contact information:

Val Hilliker
Central, Alberta, Canada

Certified World Laughter Leader


Virtues Project Master Facilitator


Puppet Maker

Land Line 403 843 3663

Fax: 403-843-3393

Toll Free 1-855 I TALK 42


"Val you are a gifted gardener of  Virtues in the World"
                                                                                                                                                                   Linda Kavelin Popov

                                                                                                                                                                    The Virtues Project

"Val you have a great gift, coupled with a rare sincerity and pure intent. It is an honor to have met you and to have The Virtues Project as a small part of your service to humanity through its children. Loved the purity, joy, enthusiasm, spontaneity and sincerity!  Your presentation is a welcome addition to The Virtues Project!"

Dan Popov, Ph.D
The Virtues Project

"Your act was enjoyed by all of the more than 400 ventriloquists from more than a dozen countries and I have received extremely positive feedback. You were, indeed, a highlight of the International Show, a perfect ambassador as a Canadian and as a lady. I’m delighted to thank you for your outstanding contribution."

Dr. Stevo Schüling, Germany
International coordinator

"I was extremely impressed with her ability and determination for perfection. This lady doesn't just think outside the box, she exploded the box wide open!"

Ron Scherer


Val Hilliker Comedy Ventriloquist


 We just had Val Hilliker in Vancouverfor several shows and had a whale of a time at her adult shows.                          ~ Lea Young

There is only one Val Hilliker and you found her!

Val Hilliker has been entertaining for over three decades. Val is more fun than a barrel of monkeys. You will fall in love with her wacky sense of humour and her Zany cast of characters.

Use Val as your Messenger:

When you have an important message to deliver to your people, consider the powerful teaching tool of ventriloquism. Breathe new life into your partys by getting Val Hilliker to deliver the message through her characters.

Therapeutic Humour:

When you need a heart-warming entertainer to inspire, Val is your Gal. This loving, caring, female Patch Adams touches your heart with inspiration in an entertaining way. Val’s passion comes from helping others. Val is a true professional.

Val Walks her Talk:

Val is a living example of someone who walks her talk. She is an artist, a mother, a stand-up comic, and an internationally renowned Master Ventriloquist.

She has spent thousands of hours bringing joy and laughter to Schools, Theme Parks, Hospitals and fun events internationally.

You will never forget her messages and her entertaining delivery, so remember this name…

Val Hilliker, Comedy Ventriloquist.

Val is a graduate of several comedy and acting workshops and classes including: the Cheers Project, Judy Carter’s stand-up comedy workshop, SCTV comedian/actor Joe Flaherty’s Improvisation workshop, therapeutic puppetry and ventriloquism.

Val is also the author of all of her shows; these are programs for creating a caring, respectful community, through the Virtues Project TM, currently touring internationally.

Val is a certified in the Virtues
Project as a Master facilitator and is also a Certified World Laughter Leader. You are sure to be entertained in an inspiring way.

Corporate family entertainer of the new generation these are words used to describe - Val Hilliker Comedy Ventriloquist, she does talk without moving her lips.



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Val Hilliker

Land line 403 843 3663
Central, Alberta, Canada

Phone: toll free 1-855-I Talk 42

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